Cannabis Trading: Lessons Learnt from Body Surfing

February 5, 2019 | By Saul Singer

Growing up in Melbourne Australia I was privileged to have access to some of the most beautiful surf beaches in the world within a relatively short drive from home. It is on these beaches that my father taught me the art of body surfing.


There were three mantras that my father ingrained in me; 1. Learn how to ‘read’ the surf. 2. Beware of the rips and undertow and treat them with respect 3. Identify ‘dumper’ waves and choose not to catch them.


The emerging cannabis industry is growing at a break-neck pace. Many are calling this the ‘green rush’. All one has to do is some basic research on social media to realise that there is an abundance of novices jumping into the water looking to catch the ‘dream’ wave without rudimentary awareness of the challenging dynamics of this industry. Undoubtedly many of these entrants will either be dragged out by the strong undertow to the oblivion of the open ocean without any recourse of return or they will slammed-down by the enticing ‘dumper’ wave they chose to ride. What is even more troubling is that these novices will not only do harm to themselves, they will ruin the day out at the beach for everyone.


As a youngster I distinctly remember the arduous trek up the steep sand dunes to the carpark at the end of the exhausting day at the beach. At the top we would always see ‘real surfies’ sitting tranquilly and gazing out at the beach. I would incredulously exclaim to my father “what are these guys doing up here? We were just down in the water, the surf is up, these guys are going to miss all the action!”. To which my father would respond, “these real surfers are observing the sets coming in, understanding how the waves are breaking and preparing mentally for when the ‘dream’ waves come in at dusk time.”


We are witnessing one wave after the other rolling into shore in this cannabis industry. Whether it is on the regulatory front with one new market coming online after the other, the technology front in terms of research and authenticity or even on the consumer front with new products constantly coming to market. It will be the prudent operators who will either learn how to ‘read’ the market or align themselves with ‘true surfies’, who will be able to navigate through this exciting yet treacherous emergence of the global legal cannabis market and enjoy the dream wave at dusk.

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