July 19, 2018 | By Saul Singer

It was only about 8 months ago that I received that fortuitous call for a diamond industry colleague in Sothern Africa…

Colleague: Hey Saul. How are you? Listen, you are located in Israel aren’t you?

Me: Yes I am. Why do you ask?

Colleague: Well we have been noticing that there are more and more farmers around here cultivating cannabis. You are in Israel which is apparently the world leader in cannabis research, what can you tell me about cannabis?

Me: absolutely nothing.

Coming from a management consulting background this random telephone call thoroughly intrigued me and spurred me to investigate what is going on in the cannabis industry. I must say, I have been absolutely blown away by what I revealed and have been completely consumed with researching and learning as much as I can about the cannabis industry since that fateful call from my Southern African colleague.

Fast forward three months… The penny drops…

After considerable amount of research and due diligence on the global cannabis industry I came to the unmistaken conclusion that the trading platform I developed and successfully implemented in the global diamond industry could be adapted and implemented in the global cannabis industry. Not only that I come to clear realization that my platform could crucial role in providing efficiency and transparency to what seemed to be a fragmented market.

Obviously the first thing I did was reach out to my fellow Australian expatriate living the Zionist dream in Israel, Mr. Israel Cannabis, Saul Kaye. I think it was after his third sip of his coffee that I noticed his eyes light up.

I am both excited and to some extent burdened with this tremendous opportunity to not only co-found CMTREX with Saul Kaye and iCAN:Israel but also be the first portfolio company to be incubated by iCAN.

I invite you on this journey of ours into this most remarkable industry as we seek to create a secure, transparent and efficient marketplace for this most fascinating industry and wondrous product, cannabis.

I will be updating via blog posts, stay tuned and subscribe for updates here.


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