CMTREX to launch international cannabis mercantile trading exchange in partnership with iCAN:israel-cannabis

CMTREX, an IT solutions provider delivering integrated platforms to the physical commodities market is on track to launch an international Cannabis Mercantile Trading Exchange at the upcoming Cannatech Global Summit in Sydney October 28-30.

The company is co-founded by Saul Singer, an experienced executive in the international physical commodities market and iCAN:, a leader in accelerating and commercializing products for the global cannabis market. CMTREX is the first company to be accepted into iCAN’s prestigious incubator.

With the exponential growth of the cannabis and hemp industry, there is a clear need for trading platforms to facilitate, quick, efficient, transparent, and compliant trading between buyers and sellers.

“Until now, there has been no standardized, compliant, international market for trading in the increasingly global cannabis market. This situation has caused trading inefficiencies as well as legal challenges. iCAN will use its deep expertise and network outreach to work with CMTREX to launch and grow the first fully-integrated IT driven exchange trading ecosystem with blockchain integration to enhance provenance,” said Saul Kaye, iCAN CEO.

Based on Israeli IP developed for the international diamond market, CMTREX will facilitate an Omni-channel platform allowing producers/sellers to market and sell its products through a range of methods whilst imultaneously enhancing efficiency and price transparency for buyers.

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to co-found CMTREX together with iCAN and have the privilege of being the first portfolio company to be incubated by iCAN. This strategic partnership will provide CMTREX with direct access to the most powerful global ecosystem of iCAN which will significantly assist in CMTREX's go-to-market strategy. The synergistic fit of our IT-driven trading platform and iCAN's knowledge and expertise throughout the global cannabis industry will facilitate the delivery of a much-needed wholesale trading solution that will benefit stakeholders throughout the cannabis and hemp pipelines,” said Saul Singer, CEO of CMTREX.

About CMTREX: CMTREX is an IT-driven trading platform which lies at the core of the emergence of a transparent and efficient trading ecosystem for the global legal cannabis and hemp industry. Leveraging off unique IP developed for physical commodities markets, CMTREX provides an omni-channel platform through which sellers offer and sell their inventory while providing buyers with increased selectivity and price transparency in their purchasing activities. CMTREX is Co-founded by Saul Singer, an experienced executive in the global physical commodities markets and iCAN: israel-cannabis, the leading integrated ecosystem of expertise, intelligence and product development in the global cannabis industry. For further information visit

About iCAN:israel-cannabis iCAN is a globally recognized Israeli company focused on the medical cannabis industry. iCAN operates across all verticals including: consulting, business development, mentoring, investment strategy, network and media, compliance and regulation, CRO, commercialization, formulation and international distribution. The iCAN incubator actively invests in and incubates startups in the cannabis space. With iCAN’s expertise and global reach, the incubated companies will benefit from a wealth of knowledge, access to data and well-established opportunities. iCAN’s incubator provides its portfolio of companies with a unique place to work, access to mentors from both scientific and business experts, and guidance from business plan through to market ready products. iCAN is actively seeking additional projects to join the incubation program. To learn more, please visit

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