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Cannabis - Going Beyond Financial Profiteering

November 16, 2018 | By Saul Singer

We are in full swing leading up to the launch of our Beta

As we ramp up towards our live launch, these last couple of weeks have  thankfully been crazy for us at CMTREX. I have been on the road, meeting with potential clients and attending numerous trade shows and conferences which have been overwhelmingly positive for CMTREX.


Now that I am back home (for the moment), I’ve had some time to debrief with the team. While contemplating the whirlwind of these past weeks, it suddenly hit me -this industry is like none other.


You may be saying to yourself, ‘this guy has been doing too much quality control on the inventory on his platform! Of course, this industry is unlike any other.’


This revelation is not about the explosive growth and the bountiful business opportunities, but rather about an underlying sincerity that the cannabis industry is at its core, about helping people.


I do not consider myself to be naïve. There are definitely ‘cowboy’ elements to this industry and an ensuing ‘money grab’ that is taking place, but what I’m discovering is that the vast majority of market participants have a dual purpose: financial profitability and the benevolent conviction that cannabis enriches humanity.  The latter is the passion driving this industry. 


What a privilege to be a part of this wonderous emerging industry - one that is committed to the beneficiation of humanity.

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