CTMREX may from time to time receive various types of information ("the Information") from Users who access the Website. CTMREX makes every effort to protect any Information received by it. Despite such undertaking, it is possible for Internet-based communications to be intercepted. Without the use of encryption, the Internet is not a secure medium and privacy cannot be ensured. Internet e-mail is vulnerable to interception and forging. CTMREX will not be responsible for any damages you or any third party may suffer as a result of the transmission of confidential information that you make to CTMREX through the Internet, or that you expressly or implicitly authorise CTMREX to make, or for any errors or any changes made to any transmitted information. To ensure acquaintance with and awareness of the privacy measures and policies of CTMREX, the User is urged to take care to read and understand the underlying privacy clauses incorporated in these Terms and Conditions. CTMREX requires certain personal information to provide the services required to the User and the User may elect to provide certain personal information to other Users of the Website. CTMREX receives and stores all Information the User enters on the Website or gives to CTMREX, in any other way. CTMREX may disclose personal information in response to a specific request by a law enforcement agency, subpoena, court order, or as required by law. The User may visit the Website without providing any personal information. The Website servers will in such instances collect the IP address of the User computer, but not the email address or any other distinguishing information. This information is aggregated to measure the number of visits, average time spent at the Website, pages viewed, etc. CMTREX uses this information to determine use of the Website, and to improve Content thereon. CMTREX assumes no obligation to protect this information, and may copy, distribute or otherwise use such information without limitation.

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